About me

Meeee, This is actually me!
Meeee, This is actually me!


Birthday: **************

City of birth: Leicester

City: Leicester

Favorite leisure activity:
Swimming, drawing, admiring VAMPIRES and Blood, on the pc.

Favorite TV-Shows and Movies:
Eastenders, coronation street, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES,
Twilight Saga's, The Lost Boys, Scary Movie (All).

Favorite books:
Jacqueling Wilson Books.

Favorite music:
OMG Usher.


Favourite Drink: 


Favorite Food:
Mummy's home cooking, Chippy 2 SFC and chips.

Favorite place to visit:
TURKEY, RSPCA, Drayton Manor, Twinlakes, Alton Towers, Farm.

Favorite quotes:
"Winners never quit, quitters never win."

"Smile and the world smiles around you"